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5 Things to do around Hon Khoai Island

Have you ever had a dream to spend some time on an uninhabited virgin island? Would you like to see beautiful untouched nature? Then Hon Khoai Island, considered to be one of the most beautiful in the south of Vietnam, may be the best idea for your next trip! This is one of the few places in the world that are still not overcrowded by tourists. Only soldiers and border guards protecting the territory live there, so you will absolutely enjoy its peace and silence.


hon khoai1.jpg

View on the Hon Khoai island


How to get there?

Hon Khoai island is only around 15 kilometers from the Vietnam mainland. To reach the island, you need to take a boat from the town of Dat Mui, Ho Chi Minh or Rach Goc estuary. Some travel companies organize cruises that also include in the programme visiting Hon Khoai. More likely, you will get a chance to sail around and only see it from the distance. Luxury tours can be provided by operators like Mekong tours or Minh Hai Tourism Corporation and may cost up to $300. The cheaper way to get there is to ask if it is possible to order transfer provided by your hotel. Otherwise, just take a speedboat which will cost around 10$ and will take maximum 2 hours to get there!

Hon Khoai will make your travel experience unique and unforgettable. This place will offer you many things which you can see, feel and taste. So what is a “must”?


1. Scale the top of the mountain. Even though the altitude of Hon Khoai is only 318 m, it guarantees you not only beautiful views, but also an exciting and adventurous walk! Zigzag paths will lead you to the top through the primeval forest of the island, full of rare species of plants, tropical trees and exotic flowers.



Beautiful view from the top


2. Visit the lighthouse. Probably, this is one of the most famous attractions of the island. It is placed on the highest point of the island, so from there you can observe absolutely magnificent panorama of the tropical jungle and surrounding islands. From the lighthouse you can also use a telescope which provides great views on the mainland.



The lighthouse on the Hon Khoai island                    Image Source: indochinavoyages.com


3. Spend a day on the beach. Western part of the island is well known by its egg-stone beach with casuarina trees. On the other side of Hon Khoai crystal blue water and white sand will wait for you. Whatever you choose, the moments spent here may easily become the best memories of your life. Stay here for a while, enjoy beautiful views, listen to the sounds of waves, feel the light wind on your skin, breath in and understand that life is beautiful.



The Unspoilt Beauty of Hon Khoai beach                                     Image Source: anli-baby.com


4. Eat local specialties. Have a dinner with fish, boiled crab and other unique local dishes, which you can not taste anywhere else. Don’t forget to taste famous Vietnamese rice alcohol, without it your travel experience will not be complete!


hon-khoai-fishing.jpgLocal Fishing Boats                                                           Image Source: camautravel.vn


5. Visit the surrounding islands. Planning your trip, you may also consider that Hon Khoai is a part of the same name archipelago. It also includes Hon Tuong, Hon Sao, Doi Moi, Da Le, and Hon Khoai itself, which is the largest with an area of 4 km2. The islands are smaller by size, but it doesn’t mean they are less beautiful! Discovering their nature and meeting local people will bring new colours and emotions to your travel!



Hon Khoai Archipelago                                                            Image Source: mekong-delta.org


In spite of all the exciting things we mentioned before, you should always remember that visiting tropical equatorial destinations, there’s always a risk of natural dangers. It is important to pay more attention to unknown food and its ingredients and especially to avoid insects and animals that may injure you. That’s why you should have some medicine you may need in a case of allergy, injures or emergency situations. If you know your possible personal health issues and stay careful, nothing will ruin your great trip!


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