7 New Things To Do Around The Tho Chu Islands You Did Not Know About

Thổ Chu Islands is an archipelago in the Gulf of Thailand, a  part of Kiên Giang Province of Vietnam. It consist of eight islands, which are impossible to remember for a foreigner, but you can try: Thổ Chu Island, Hòn Cao, Hòn Cao Cát, Hòn Khô, Hòn Mô (or Hòn Cái Bàn), Hòn Nhạn, Hòn Từ and Hòn Xanh.


So if you have ever wondered how heaven looks like, this is definitely a place that you should visit! Plan your trip, book a flight and be ready to discover natural wonders of Vietnam!



Thổ Chu Islands is a great adventure for any traveller                      Image source: pmyaasia.com


How you can get there:


By plane: The largest airports in Kien Giang Province, Rach Gia and Phu Quoc, have a good connection with the Tan Son Nhat Airport, which is the largest international airports of Vietnam, located in Ho Chi Minh city.

By train: Saigon Railway Station in Ho Chi Minh City is the most prefered one, if you travel by train. You can check prices and available destinations on the website of Vietnam Railways System. But be careful, if you don’t book the 1st class ticket (or don’t mention it when buying your ticket on the spot), you will travel in a coach with wooden benches, that may be not very comfortable, especially if you have a long trip.

By bus: From Ho Chi Minh City, you should catch a Mai Linh bus in Mien Tay Bus Station to get to Rach Gia, which is the nearest big station.

By car: This is, probably, the most preferred option, as you get by car from anywhere. Consider the fact that according to Vietnamese laws, visitors can’t rent a car and drive here. The only possible option is to rent a car with a local driver. The rate is around 50 – 60$ per day.

By water: When you reach Rach Gia (or An Thoi Port), you can take a boat to the Tho Chu Island. The island is around 200 km away from the mainland, and it will take around 8 hours to get there.



Stunning views from the train                                                         Image sourse: annamtravel.com


If after all you’ve reached your destination, be happy and prepare for the active programme, because there are many things you can do here!


  1. Experience Scuba Diving. What can be more beautiful, mysterious and breathtaking than underwater life? Experienced divers say that the best place at the Tho Chu Islands for scuba diving is the Tu Islet.



Magic of underwater life                                                            Image source: vietnamtravelv.com


  1. Visit A Local Market. They say, market is a place with its own soul, own atmosphere and environment. That’s why you should never miss a chance to discover a market of Tho Chu! Here you will not only get the opportunity to buy delicious seafood, exotic fruits, vegetables and herbs, but will also meet a lot of local people and see their everyday life!


09 Market Vietnam [Neues Web].jpg

A woman selling local goods                                                                Image source: morepep.com


  1. Go Fishing. You can always buy fish from the market. But agree that it would be way more interesting to get it from the sea yourself! People on the Tho Chu Island are very warm and hospitable, so feel free to make friends with a local fisherman and join him in this adventure.



Fishermen in the sea                                                                 Image source: maynardswitzer.com


  1. Visit the Ngu Beach (Bai Ngu). This is one of the most famous beaches of the Tho Chu Islands. It is well-known by its white sands and clear turquoise water. Whatever you do, swimming, sunbathing or just watching beautiful views, it will bring you a lot of pleasure and positive emotions!



Crustal waters of Ngu Beach                                        Image source: thailandholidayshome.co.uk


  1. Watch The Flying-Foxes. The world’s largest bats live at Cao Islet. Yes, they look pretty scary. But if you don’t behave agressive towards the animals, they won’t hurt you. Anyway, it is good to know that in a case you’re bitten or scratched by a flying-fox, wash the wound with soap and water and contact a doctor immediately.




  1. Visit The Lighthouse. Built in 2000, the lighthouse of Tho Chu is placed on the highest point of the island – 167 m. This is a popular place for visitors, because from this point you can enjoy fascinating views on the sea and small islands around.



Lighthouse on the Tho Chu Island                                                        Image source: vms-south.vn


  1. Spend some time on a desert island. Among all eight islands of the archipelago, Tho Chu is the only one inhabited by people. Find a local who will help you to get to another island and spend some time there, all alone with the virgin nature. Just remember that sooner or later you will, most probably, want to come back, so don’t forget to arrange your travel in advance!


A place you would love to stay forever                                            Image source: tuoitrenews.com


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