7 Things To Do In Rach Gia Vietnam

Rach Gia is the capital of Kien Giang Province in Vietnam and a port on the Gulf of Thailand. It is not big, but is full of attractions. Being an important centre in the region, it is quite developed and has a lot of cultural and historic relics at the same time.



Rach Gia by night                                                                       Image source: vi-vn.facebook.com


How To Get There?

By plane

Rach Gia Airport serves domestic flights to and from Phu Quoc Island and Ho Chi Minh City operated by Vietnam Airlines. The flights are served on a daily basis.


By bus

Buses and minibuses connect Rach Gia with the nearest big cities of the country:

  • To/ from Ha Tien: 2,5 hours, $2,5 (50,000 VND);

  • To/ from Hon Chong: 2,5 hours, $2,5 (50,000 VND);

  • To/ from Can Tho: 3 hours, $3,5 (75,000 VND);

  • To/ from Long Xuyen: 1,5 hours, $1,5 (30,000 VND);

  • To/ from Ho Chi Minh City: 6 hours, $8 (165,000 VND).

You can buy a ticket at the bus station. If there’s an opportunity, it is recommended to do it in advance, as due to lack of the transport connection, the tickets may be sold out in a few hours before departure. You can also do it with the help of reliable travel companies.



Rach Gia port                                                                                      Image source: wikimedia.org


By boat

There are regular hydrofoils cruising between Phu Quoc and such destinations as Rach Gia. One way trip from/to Rach Gia lasts approximately for 2,5 hours and the ticket should costs about $15 (350,000 VND). There’s also a discount for senior (above 60 years old) and disabled people, as well as for children under the age of 11. The timetable of arrivals and departures is available on the webpage of the Superdong transfer company.


Thing To See At Rach Gia

Tam Quan Gate

Tam Quan gate, or as it is also called, Three Entrance Gate, is a true symbol of Rach Gia and is considered to be an entrance to the city. This is a beautiful triple arch bearing the traditional elements of Vietnamese architecture.


Tam Quan gate                                                                      Image source: khoanhkhacvietnam.vn


Nguyen Trung Truc Temple

The temple is dedicated to Nguyen Trung Truc who was a leader of the resistance movement against the newly arrived French in the end of 19th century. Today this is one of the biggest attractions of Rach Gia and an important religious destinations for the entire region.



Nguyen Trung Truc Temple                                                                     Image source: alotrip.com


Tam Bao Pagoda

This is another destination of Rach Gia with a beautiful story behind. It was built in the beginning of 19th century by the Vietnamese Emperor Gia Long to honour a local woman who aided him after the Tay Son Rebellion. It is surrounded by a quite and cozy garden with numerous sculptures and is definitely a great place to spend some time and enjoy its peaceful atmosphere.



Inside the pagoda                                                                                Image source: wikimedia.org


Phat Lon Pagoda (Khmer pagoda)

This is an amazing Cambodian Buddhist pagoda, which name is translated as Big Buddha. Even nowadays the majority of the monks living here are the ethnic Khmers. It has a magnificent architecture and zen garden in the courtyard with an over hundred-year old tree originated from Sri Lanka.


Phat Lon Pagoda                                                                               Image source: panoranio.com


Kien Giang Museum

The museum is housed in one of the most ancient and beautiful buildings in the city. It has an outstanding and sophisticated exterior design with traditional oriental elements inside of the building. The museum is exposing a big collection of war memoirs, historical photos and cultural relics.



Kieng Giang Museum                                                                                Image source: flickr.com


Local Specialities

Are you a foodie? Then probably, you will enjoy your visit to Rach Gia, Being a port town, it has a big choice of sea specialities as well as traditional Vietnamese dishes. The most popular places to eat and drink among locals and travelers are Thanh Binh, Hai Au, Ao Dai Moi,Valentine, which also offer sometimes different types of entertainment like karaoke or sport events.


Dinner in Rach Gia                                                               Image source: teamfroz.blogspot.com


Rach Soi Market

Market is a right place to go, if you want to explore people’s everyday life, local culture and of course, buy cheap, fresh and exotic fruits, vegetables and other local specialities. The biggest one in Rach Gia is the Rach Soi market, located close to the port of the town.


Rach Soi Market

Market in Vietnam                                                             Image source: theweddingtravelers.com


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